Para Vista Calisthenics is a not for profit, committee run club operating since 1981. For more information, or to try our classes please contact us below.

Para Vista Calisthenics School Inc began in 1981, and is competitive at local and state levels. Throughout the year teams learn routines and perform them on stage in competitions and at our Annual Concert in December.
Calisthenics is an artistic sport and is uniquely Australian. It encourages physical development, strength, flexibility and coordination, through a combination of controlled exercises and gymnastics. Calisthenics can also be seen as an art as it develops an appreciation of music and rhythm through dance, ballet, marching, club swinging, rod twisting, singing, national folk dancing and the beauty of graceful dancing. All performances are set to various styles of music.
Children from the ages of 2 years up enjoy and develop skills through the challenges offered, with the opportunity and excitement of performing on stage. Calisthenics is a fun and rewarding sport for all ages; promotes confidence and also fosters relationships and a spirit of teamwork amongst members who can make lifelong friendships.
Para Vista Calisthenics prides itself on ensuring all students appear on stage and enable parents and grandparents to be as involved as they choose.

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