Innovation Calisthenics Club is based in the Adelaide Hills with training locations in the suburbs of Belair, Hawthorndene and Blackwood.

Calisthenics is a fabulous artistic sport for all age groups and is a wonderful way to make long lasting friendships! Through both teamwork and solo performance, calisthenics develops discipline, confidence, coordination, rhythm, flexibility, fitness and strength, as well as imparting values of perseverance, commitment, working with others, and responsibility.

At Innovation Calisthenics Club your child will experience a sense of accomplishment through the acquisition of these skills in a positive and nurturing environment.

With our progressive approach to coaching, not only will our coaches prepare teams for competitions, but they will continue to develop the fundamental skills by offering extension classes on ballet, pilates, yoga, strength and conditioning, apparatus technique.

Innovation Calisthenics Club

Belair, Blackwood & Mitcham

Principal Coach: Kate Loveridge
Phone: 0409 270 877
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