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The CASA Graceful Solo State Championships provides participants who are a part of a team and club, with the opportunity to perform a ‘Graceful Solo’. Incorporating the skills taught in ‘Aesthetic’ into an individual routine to be performed on their own. A Graceful Solo arrangement incorporates soft flowing movements, classical and technical elements, musical appreciation, emotive expression, storytelling and sincerity. Competitors are then marked on technique, execution, and choreography.  

To compete in the CASA Graceful Solo Championships you must have completed the required ACF Skills Examination for your age group in order to be eligible to compete in alignment with the ACF standards. CASA’s Graceful Solo Championships are currently held in April – May prior to the commencement of Team Competitions.

  • Grading Dates

    11th – 21st April 2023

  • Finals Dates

    23rd – 6th May 2023

  • Location

    Royalty Theatre

    Images courtesy of Steph Devlin Photography